Barenaked Ladies
Winnipeg, Canada 2012

December 7-9, 2012

Friday 7th

#5854 AUS 5:55pm to Minneapolis 8:40pm

#4696 Minneapolis 9:42pm to Winnipeg 11:11pm

Place Louis Real Suite Hotel
$229 total

Saturday 8th

Snowing! Forecast was right, and just like we hoped it would.
It was still in the 70s and 80s back in Austin.

We took a short walk to The Forks, and found an old hotel Linda had been to in the past that had good eggs.

Lunch at Inn at the Forks.
We had the classic eggs benedict (the first time they sent us the salmon one) and the French Quarter omelette.

Linda came up with the great idea to do curling, and despite being really busy at work I made the tie to try and reserve a spot. Lucky I did, because I had to call probably eight places before finding a spot- weekends most places are booked out!

So here we are at The Thistle Curling Club.

Feliz Navidad

Sunday 9th

Leisurely morning waking up, and had a good breakfast at the hotel restaurant.

#5846 Winnipeg 12:30pm to Minneapolis 2:08pm - flight was delayed about an hour
#3504 Minneapolis 5:21pm to Austin 8:17pm - flight was delayed about 5hrs due to a big snow storm in Minneapolis, got hoe around 1am