Dave's Jimmy Buffett Austin

Jimmy Buffett Austin

December 4, 2010

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So this was the area to mingle, of course drinks were included, and there were ordourve trays going around.

This was the main item to me for the silent auction, so I signed up for it...

And eventually Andy Roddick walked by mingling.

I also saw several ex-Dell executives there- Ro Parra, Scott O'Hare, and Rocky Mountain who I got to speak with.

Here is inside the dining area, and the concert area was behind the blue curtains.

Here you see the table with our hosts.
The blonde is of course Andy's wife adn SI cover girl Brooklyn Decker, her fellow SI model Christine Teigen, and her boyfriend- musician John Legend.

Research after the show would inform me that the 2010 swimsuit shoot was done in the Maldives- serendipity! That is where two weeks from the date of this show I will be flying to for my Christmas vacation! Must be some sort of sign, surely.

My table was just slightly down from them and one row back, a good spot.

Roddick intro

So a really cute girl (C.C.) with her parents showed up and sat in the remaining seats to my right. I was making small talk about not accidentally raising your hand, as you might bid on a $1000 football being auctioned off.
Also asking what her connection to the event was, it was "oh my parents gave some money..."


Little did I know I would be seated at a high roller table- a woman seated on the other side of the table kept bidding and won the package below for her birthday for $15,000.

Having a winning bid included champagne for the whole table.

Not done yet, C.C. next to me bid and won the package below for I don't even know how much. Apparently a $1000 football wouldn't be a big concern.

During conversation I mentioned I was a Gator, so she said her father was actually an assistant coach on the 1994 Final Four team.
Well, it turns out her mom was a former successful golf pro, and her dad was R.C. Buford, now GM of the Spurs. I guess money it not an issue.

I felt very fortunate to be able to afford to attend an event like this, certainly as a special treat to myself. Hanging with the rich and privileged was a novel expereinceI must say, incredible to live like this all the time and be able to casually throw so much money around. Fascinating.

For dinner, the first course was a floral green salad- roasted yellow beets, chayote, peppered goat cheese, and caramelized pecans with sherry vinaigrette. It was excellent.

Here you see our entree- filet and shrimp "Marseilles". This is shrimp sauteed and tossed with tomatos, shallots pernod and petite filet finished with horseradish crust (the horseradish I must say made this very nice), gratin dauphinoise potato, and baby vegetables.

And then our dessert of chocolate marquise with rasberry coulis.

Here are the girls. It turns out they removed the SI launch party tickets that I was bidding on for the silent auction and now made it part of the live auction. So maybe I got screwed, and not in the good way.

Peeking behond the curtains you could see the stage...

This was a fellow parrothead that was by me, we were all certainly in a good mood- and I am on stage!

Another new friend that was lucky enough to snag one of Jimmy's picks.

And Nadirah was mingling some- so I was lucky enough to get the picture. When I had to help the picture taker with the camera I accidentally touched her butt and apoligized- she replied "Well, it is kind of out there."
I would learn at the MOnday show that she is from San Antonio, only an hour from Austin. And in conversation here she mentioned she used to be with Arrested Development.

And at the very end of the night while looking for some water I run into my good friend Nate, who I've known since freshman year at UF. He just happened to be bartending this event.

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Changes In Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes
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Use Me (with John Legend)

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Surfing in a Hurricane
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A Pirate Looks at Forty

Fins (this was originally supposed to be after Margaritaville but the audience requested the song and Jimmy complied)


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