Hawaii 2013

December 12-16, 2013

Thursday 12th
Fly in/special Buffett concert

United $856
6:36am flight to LAX delayed then canceled.
Was able to hop on a flight to SFO that was about to leave, got a shitty middle seat.
Flight arrived early, so was able to catch 11:06am to HNL, got second to last row next to a bunch of families but made it in almost the same time as my original flights, around 12:30pm. Minus my luggage of course.

My sixth trip to the islands, excluding those related to work commuting for my job here in '06-'07.

Alamo rental car

Queen Kapiolani Hotel, $124/night w tax plus $25/day valet parking

View from my room.

View from the pool area.

Grab a cheeseburger from the place right next to my hotel for the walk over to the concert- figured I might not be able to eat over there is I am waiting by myself.
Also had to buy a shirt on the way too- that is why God gave us ABC Stores.

So hints had been dropped that a special Thursday show would be done- so I planned to come in in time for it, and I figured it would be the special show where they played the new album "Songs from St. Somewhere" in its entirety. Also it would be the first show I would have seen for Jimmy at one of his restaurants.
Monday night tickets went on sale- I was lucky to have spotted it on facebook and got a pair, otherwise I would have been beside myself. Only about 300 people to see the show.

Arrive about 3pm at the Beachcomber. "Tickets" were a laminate on a Landshark neck lanyard and blue wristband.

Pool scene at the restaurant/hotel.

Small surf museum there.

While waiting outside to pick up tics at 4pm there were 5 people in front of me. Mike and his wife eventually recognised me- we sat close to each other and had spoken at the 2010 Paris show. Small world!

My friend and fellow Gator Darrin arrives, first time I had seen him since I left as well. With us is security person Julia who I had been talking to.
so they let us in at 6:30pm and I had been sitting in that front position for 2.5hrs at that point- the guy that was first in line (from downstairs waiting to get the tickets) made the argument that he should get in first- she insisted that I was the first one to walk in. Awesome of her.

A pic of the set list. Disppointing to me- same damn songs almost like a greatest hits set. Nothing special or unique.

So we were front row, with literally only about 4-5 feet between us and Jimmy. Probably the closest I have been.

Switched it up a little- the ladies are always on the left side of the stage.

They were also filming much of it- for the new internet channel I believe.

Darrin kept the margaritas flowing.

For "Margaritaville" champion surfer Kelly Slater joined in.

The Margarillas used this shot for their website.

I got one of Jimmy's guitar picks from the tour manager.

Got to hang out with Brent and Tammy that I had met from Meeting Of The Minds in Key West in 2011.

So I had tons of interaction with Jimmy, and I kept my energy up to keep him motivated on stage- so it was still a good show.

Set list and videos:

Tiki Bar

Boat Drinks
One Particular Harbour

At the 3:21 mark you can see Jimmy talk to me!

Grapefruit (maybe)
Something about a boat
Come Monday
Son of a son
Take the weather
Pencil Thin Mustache

Too Drunk to karaoke
Trying to reason w Hurricane season

Changes in Latitude
Last Mango in Paris
Pirate looks at 40
Drunk and Screw (he played this somewhere between Hurricane and Fins)

Back where I come from
Southern Cross

Margaritaville (with Kelly Slater on tamborine and backup vocal)

At the 5:00 mark you can see Jimmy shake my hands and say "Hey Dave, how's it goin' man."

Tiki torches and tropical drinks.

Back at my hotel exhausted.

Friday 13th
Ko Olina / dinner w Shonna at The Kahala

An excellent spam & egg breakfast with a view at Lulu's, and leisurely morning.
Part of the beauty of somewhere you have already been too, less pressure to see everything.

So somewhere I hadn't seen despite living here, and always heard good things about, was the Ko Olina lagoons out on the west side of the island.
They can often be crowded, but no issue for my visit.

Picked up some mac salad and won ton soup for lunch.

There were two totally friendly sea turtles that I got to spend time with. Cool to get good pics of a such a symbol of Hawaii.

Dinner at probably my favorite hotel in the world, The Kahala. When I came back to see Jimmy in '07 I stayed here one night in a dolphin view room, and actually had booked a night for this trip as well, but canceled it. Tough to spend for myself for one night what could almost cover my cheap hotel for the whole stay.
Jimmy and the band I know always stay at this hotel, but he has a little more money than I do.

So here is the tempura short rib at Noku's. The dish was fantastic, even though the overall menu didn't offer a ton that turned us on.
The mashed potatoes with goat cheese was also a delight.

I became friends with Shonna from when I lived here and she was in the same tennis class I was, first time I have seen her since then.