Dave's Kacey Musgraves
Gruene Hall

New Braunfels, TX
October 24, 2014

Had to buy on Stubhub for about $110.

Cut off work and left Austin at 3:30. Turns out there was a regular Friday radio show happy hour type thing going on, then they would kick people out at 6:45 then let people in.

So I went ahead and started the line outside, would have to wait 2hrs...

At about 5:30 another fan joined me in line, so I was able to go use the bathroom.
Walking to the port-o-let, Kacey poped out of the building right in front of me and I got to say hi to her in passing. Turn out she was going to a quick live interview with the radio station, and I was able to go see it happen.

Tour bus

B&B next door where Kacey was staying.

I am the first one in! Love it when that happens, but it is a TON of time and effort.

Opening group John and Jacob. I got to speak with two of them while I was setting up in line otuside- good guys.

Awesome selfie- got all 5 band members.