November 4-12, 2013

Monday 4th

Delta #1308 AUS 8:15am to Atlanta 11:24am
#295 Atlanta 12:15pm to Tokyo Tuesday at 4:35pm

Tuesday 5th

#473 Tokyo 6:30pm to Manila, Philippines 10:30pm

Same place I stayed last time for work here, the Edsa Shangri-La.

Wednesday 6th

Change and head right over to training around 1am.
Quick snack at the KFC next door to the training building.

Back at the hotel for included breakfast- an incredible variety.

As I research for my Palau trip one tour operator tells me of a typhoon that was about to hit them...
Will things be ok for me to still go? Will my flight get out? Should I switch plans?

Thursday 7th

Friday 8th

I believe it was Friday morning when I pulled the trigger to switch from Palau to Taiwan.

Philippine Airlines #894 Manila to Taipei

The hotel car had wifi, so I literally booked a hotel en route to the airport.

Di di mau'd out of the Philippines 10hrs early ahead of the super typhoon.

The Fullon Hotel Linkou.

I napped, then walked around a little around midnight.

Pride baby. It was one helluva run.

Saturday 9th

Took over an hour by bus to get into the main part of town.

First went to visit Taipei 101.

Then lunch in the mall at Din Tai Fung.

I got the fried rice, dumplings with pork and black truffles, and some won ton soup. It was excellent!

Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall

Longshan Temple

National Theater

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

2-28 Peace Park

Raohe Street Night Market

W Hotel

Dinner at all you can eat shabu shabu at Mo-Mo-Paradise.

Sunday 10th

Morning tour- Keelung Harbor, Yeliou, & Northern Coast Tour

Chung Cheng Park and Keelung Harbor

Yeliou scenery

Queen's Head Rock

Lunch back at Din Tai Fung

Taipei Confucius Temple

National Palace Museum

Quick dinner at Arashi.

Went and saw a movie- Thor II.

Shilin night market

My new trip companion- Doraemon.

Monday 11th

Beitou Hot Springs
They were crazy hot, I now I know what a lobster feels like.

Guandu Temple

Ximending area

Tried the wings and one other dish at Sam's Noodles Hong Kong- thought both were terrible.

Back by my hotel, treat myself to a foot massage at a place next door. I had done a TON of walking, this little Thai woman caused me quite a bit of pain, crazy how strong her hands are.

Tuesday 12th

Instead of going back to Manila and flying home Wednesday, switched flights to Tuesday directly out of Taiwan, time to go home.

#276 Taipeo 9:40am to Tokyo
#622 Tokyo 3:10pm to Minneapolis 11:10am
#3289 MSP 1:37pm to AUS 4:28pm

Lost $71 on my Tuesday night hotel room in Manila, The Mubuhay Manor.

Had to argue with Sam's Tours and the hotel they booked me at, The Sea Passion Hotel, to get my money back. But they eventually wisened up and did it.