Dave's Windjammer-type cruise- Bahamas

Dave's Bahamas small boat cruise

November 24-30, 2013

Liberty Clipper

Bahamas currency pegged to U.S. currency

Been to the Nassau before in December 2002

From left to right: Chris (father of the Brosious family from Colorado, engineer in the defense industry), Neil and Nora from Canada, Carly (works at the University and has a PhD) and her husband Jeff (musician) from Mississippi, Gabriele and Greg (a Polish couple living in Moscow), and Sharon and her son Erik who is a student at Virginia Tech.
Missing: Leslie (who is the one takng this picture- thanks for doing so and sharing it, from Canada and lifelong friends w Nora), Enrique (a skinny older gentleman traveling by himself and at first my roommate), and Mark (another older gentleman travelng by himself).

Fly AUS to FLL on Friday 22nd

Sunday 24th

Bahamas Air $271 RT
#202 FLL 9:10am to Nassau 10:05am

Funny our boat was docked right where the Poop Deck restaurant was, which is where I had eaten dinner on my previous trip to Nassau.

Drop my stuff off on the Liberty Clipper, lost a few hours responding to an asshole lawyer, then walked all the way in to downtown.

Last time I was here there was only one bridge.

Parliament Square with Queen Victoria statue.

A local constable. Kind of like a NFL quarterback, weird that they are now a lot younger than I am.

Cool restaurant logo.

Statue of anti-pirate hero Woodes Rogers.

Pirates of Nassau museum, closed on Sundays.

Government House with statue of Christopher Colombus.

Queen's Staircase by Fort Fincastle

Return to the boat by 5pm for a briefing and to meet everyone.

Dinner at the Poop Deck. Ate with the couple who would overnight bail fromm the trip.

Monday 25th

So it was so crazy windy that we would not be leaving dock today, and had an overcast day to kill in Nassau.


I figured I would go back to town and hit the Pirate Museum since it was open today, and the B family decided to join me.

So I would have to say it was better than I thought it would be, as I have been to "museums" like that where I am in and out in about 10 minutes.

A pleasant lunch at another place I spotted yesterday, the Conch n'Kalik.
The potato wedges were exceptional.

Then we hopped on another bus west to the Cable Beach hotel area, where a massive new resort is being built.

We walked through the Wyndham and the Sheraton but with the wind it was pretty deserted.

This one was eyeballing me.

Highlight #1 of the trip
I had read on the internet there was a good daiquiri place around here, and I am very glad we found it! Dude here pulls fresh fruit off the wall, blends it with some ice and a liberal amount of rum, and bam- best daiquiri I have ever had. I got a watermelon one, and Chris was kind enough to treat.
Best daiquiri ever AND a new friend paid for it- BAM!

Then we walked around downtown for some shopping.

Tuesday 26th


So we head out, and there is even some sunshine.

Looking back at Nassau- and here you also see the Captain and the engineer.

Putting the sails up.

Meatball sub for lunch.

Here you see head deckhand Simone.
I remember when I was on a boat the first day leaving Grenada I got sick, and I think this was typically the roughest part of this trip and I didn't feel great. God had given Simone some natural assets, so barring anything else to focus on I used them to help me get through the day.
Oh yes, and in these pics are the fish Neil caught.

Double rainbow!

So we got anchored as the sun was setting, just enough time for us all to jump into the water.


Had some dark'n'stormys for drinks and had a fun session of Cards Against Humanity. I believe Eli beat me for first in a tie breaker.

Wednesday 27th

We are anchored off the island of Eleuthera, by Gaulding's Cay.
For the morning we are dropped at the beach there.

We walk the road north.

To see the Glass Window Bridge, a landmark where there is a gap connecting the west and the Atlantic.

Sharon waiting for a hot water spout enema- good times!

We walked back south to find the "Queen's Baths" or "hot tubs".

HIGHLIGHT #2 - I could have spent all day playing here.

Amazing- I have gotten fat enough to float.


We motored through a little gap to get to the protected bay- Hatchet Bay I believe.

Lee checking out the anchor situation.

We were ferried by dinghy to shore and took a pleasant walk around the small town here.

conch shell graveyard.

On the way back to the boat this gentleman shows us his Junkanoo preparations.

Our boat.

I asked to be dropped off on the way back to check out the mangroves for my seahorses.

No seahorses, but I was rapidly losing light so it was a challenge. As I was being dropped Elijah did point out a pretty eagle ray, and I had never seen this upside down jellyfish before.

And a few folks got to try out the paddle board.


Jeff and John Penny play some guitar rather well for our night time entertainment.
A few years ago I would have been all over this. Now I'm pretty much just cranky and indifferent half the time.