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1 RMB, yuan = $.146, or $1 = 6.83 RMB

12th Saturday

Taxi to the train station to catch Airport Express.

They had a Popeye's at the airport- a really filling breakfast for 28 HKD.
Also of note- Gatorade can be easily found in HK convenience stores.

Flight $346
Airline changed it from a HK to Xian direct from 8:20am to 11:10am to where I was now flying most of the day
Cathay Pacific #6842 (operated by Dragon Airlines) 10:20am to Chengdu 12:55pm
Air China #4201 Chengdu 2:50pm to 3:55pm Xian

I arrived to a rainy Xi'an. Took packed public bus to the Bell Tower for 25 yuan, and then encountered the typical difficulties of arriving in a new city- the dreaded negotiating for a taxi to your hotel. With the help of a local lady sitting in a nearby restaurant that spoke English, I was able to get my hotel address written in Chinese, and then paid a taxi 30 yuan (I would learn with a meter it should be around 10-15 yuan).
One idiot wanted to drive me (and my luggage) on a moped- please go away...

Hotel Ibis Xian, $23 (158 CNY)
Tripadvisor #5

The best cheap hotel room I've ever stayed in.
Included free internet- where I discovered mainland China blocks youtube and Facebook.

With the help of the front desk I booked a ticket to the show below, and didn't have much time in the room before making a dash by taxi to the theater.
I really enjoyed the show.

Dinner show website
Tang Dynasty dinner show

I had a club sandwich for dinner there for 35 yuan.
It was a collosal pain in the ass to find a taxi back to the hotel, in the rain.

13th Sunday

Terra Cotta Warriors

There was a KFC right there in the parking lot, so of course that is where I had lunch. A well done store.

Found a taxi driver to take me back to the hotel for 100 yuan, and then just did some internet stuff for a few hours as it was still raining outside.
Taxi to airport about 100 yuan.

Wiki info

Wikitravel Xian Info

I would have liked to have done these items as well, but didn't have the time or weren't worth doing in the rain:
Bell Tower
bicycle the city wall
water fountain show
Xian dumpling restaurant from Samantha Brown

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