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"Morning: We begin the day with a buffet breakfast in our hotel in Zagreb. After breakfast, we will check out and depart for Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bosnia-Herzegovina is one nation, historically divided into two regions: Bosnia and Herzegovina, and has been the crossroads of many cultures and traditions. We will take a small break in Banja Luka or Zenica. Upon arrival in Sarajevo, we will check in at our hotel."

While this ended up being a great day, it was also frustrating and disappointing.
We didn't start out until 9am, and doing some simple math at the beginning of the journey I walked up to Tony at the front to express my concern about us being able to see everything- "Don't worry."

After a 10 minute rest stop that turned into 30 minutes, and then a lunch debacle with no time table that I believe ended up and 90 plus minutes, we were tracking to get in at perhaps 5 or 6pm, would some of our sites even be open? And then the bus started to break down...

Here we are at another stop- fine, but we needed some sense of urgency.

"Afternoon & Evening: After lunch, we will go on a walking sightseeing tour of the old part of the town. Here we visit beautiful Ottoman mosques, old quarters and the authentic picturesque Turkish bazaar “Bas Carsija” where we can watch different craftsman making their product sitting in from of their shop, we can try typical local deserts in its oriental sweets shops, cafes and traditional Bosnian food in many “cevapdzinica” all around the old bazaar. Sarajevo is also a town in which for more then 400 years mosques, orthodox churches, Roman-Catholic churches and synagogues have been standing together. We will visit Husref Bay’s Mosque, the oldest mosque in the city, and the main Catholic and main Orthodox churches. In addition we will visit the Olympic Stadium (home of the 1984 Winter Olympics) and the Sarajevo War Tunnel Museum. We will also see the place [Latin Bridge] where Austro-Hungarian prince Franc Josef was assassinated (believed to be the cause of World War I). We will return to our hotel for dinner and overnight."

What we did get to do was a quick walking tour of the old town, which did include the assassination plaque and a Sarajevo rose, which I specifically asked to see. No time to stop for anything, no Olympic stadium, and most disappointingly no War Tunnel Museum.

Hotel Hayat
Tripadvisor #5 of 44

Doug and Victor in a top floor room
Of note Doug had several alter egos, to include: Camelback man, the fan guy, the group's primary telecom provider, and topless tanning dude.

I got to play big spoon tonight!
Randy and I went to the front desk to request two beds vs one (something Teresa and Heidi would actually request for their room- I'm thinking pillow fights, tickling, perhaps some light bondage...), pretty reasonable request, and the front desk lady's response was "enjoy it"... whoa there sister! I want assistance, or at least humor me with an excuse, not sassiness. After some back and forth I decided to go down the angle, fairly tongue in cheek but with cultural/language differences she ended up taking it seriously, of "What do you mean to tell me to 'enjoy it'? Are you saying my roommate and I - then I move my hips back and forth- so in her mind she had now called us homosexuals.
Somehow a single room materialized for me.

Several of us walked into town- some broke off for ice cream, the rest of us stopped for one drink.

A street fight broke out while we were having our drink. I believe my video missed most of it, but here just for memory purposes.

*** Need to see Bosnian Historical Museum

Bosnia convertable mark 1.51 = $1, 1 = .66 US

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