Dave's Windjammer Cruise- Leeward Caribbean

Dave's Windjammer Cruise
Leeward Caribbean 2013

March 2-10, 2013

Saturday 2nd

US Air $623
AUS 6:59am to CLT 10:29am
CLT 11:35am to SXM 4:21pm

St. Maarten
"One island, two countries – one side French, the other Dutch. Does that make it twice as nice? We think so! Put your money on red in a world-class casino, or on black — the little black dress you discovered in a chic boutique. Sail America’s Cup, and celebrate your victory with a bottle of champagne at an au natural beach. Sint Maarten / St. Martin, in any language, is your kind of paradise!"
1 USD = 1.79 NAF

I had previously been here in '09

I'll work my way back to try some of this.

Seaview Hotel $122
It was a reasonable price at what I thought would be a good location.

Walked around the area.

Not a lot of traffic, but apparently the place was packed last night becasue the Heineken Regatta party was here.

One man reggae band was pretty good.

Sat with this fellow traveler for dinner at Taloula Mango's.

Jerk chicken, but the mashed potatoes were crazy good.

Sunset over Phillipsburg bay.

A peek into the little casino at my hotel.

I almost slept in, but dragged myself out of bed and caught a shared taxi to Marigot at the West side of the island for tonight's Regatta party.

Destra, a soca singer from Trinidad was playing, fun to watch.

Sunday 3rd

Beautiful day, and the beach now looked stunning.

Breakfast just down the beach, and had some last minute work to finish off.

Then took a short taxi ride to the port area.


I've been a big fan of Windjammer type cruises, and used this company shortly after they first started up seeing Grenada and the Grenadines in January 2010. Since then I have been waiting for a new itinerary, and shortly after announcing this second boat I booked.

Captain Matt! He was the captain from my very first Windjammer cruise to the British Virgin Islands in 2005.

My original, single room.


Headed back out for internet access to do more work...

Our group for the week.

Safety briefing

Whale sighting

Upgraded to have this room to myself!

We came incredibly close to smashing into this boat cutting across our bow. The more I think about it, ver stupid. They so easily could have ruined our vacation befoe it started.

Pretty sure I have seen this crazy boat last time I was down here.


We head into Anguilla for some nightlife.