Dave's Maldives & Dubai

Dave's Maldives & Dubai

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Thursday 23rd

"Sail to the desert island Meerufen Fushi. Spend the day snorkelling, sunbathing or watching the fish from the glass-bottomed boat. Divers will have 2 dives."

Our deserted island wasn't completely deserted...a few others from another group were here too. But after lunch it would just be our group.

I think these are false moorish idols.

Love this fish I haven't seen elsewhere- royal diacanthus.

EXCELLENT lunch! Mashed potatoes and gravy from the chicken, noodles, saute chicken, broccoli mourney, cream of asparagus soup.

About a year ago my friend Linda mentioned how some very pretty shells in the Indian ocean have a poisonous creature inside. Not sure if this one is poisonous, but it definitely had a little guy inside.

I think a starry toadfish.

"Woman hugging her knees together" purple coral

I overnapped and made it out of the cabin just in time to see the boat leaving for the night fishing activity. I wasn't that crushed, but heck there isn't exactly a lot to do. It turns out only two of the guys caught something, but at least it would have been something different to do.

Asian night for dinner- dhaal soup, yellow rice, devilled chicken, potato tempero, brinjol moju.

Friday 24th

"Cruise to Sand Bank for swimming and sunbathing. In the afternoon take a visit to local island Hagnameedhoo for sightseeing and shopping. Both morning and afternoon dives for divers. Captainís dinner in the evening."

Someone was already on our sandbank...

...it was these guys hauling away sand. Hmmmph.

Myself, Audrey, and Alan.

Cream of tomato AND potato soup, chicken maryland, baked fish.

We would anchor at this island by Dhiggiri.

And then take the smaller boat into Hangnaameedhoo for a walking tour of an inhabited island.

Some traditional fishing boats.

These served as typical public benches.

Locals playing football.

We walked through this school.

Alan and I put quite a bit of effort into some sunset shots- which at the time I thought were spectacular but just turned out OK.

And then we headed onto Dhiggiri for an island beach dinner.

The beef was tougher than cow hide, the chicken and fish were OK. The noodles were awesome, and there was a garlic butter sauce which could be poured over the jacketed potatos.

Here you see the four Americans, with Lance looking like he's trying to squeeze one out.

Limbo time, and some music and dancing. The crew tried hard, but for whatever reason cuatro Americanos just weren't into it.
The clouds did move apart to where you could see the stars though.

After returning to the boat we would see three dolphins playing by the aft of the boat.