Dave's Tortuga Fest 2013

Dave's Tortuga Fest 2013

April 13-14, 2013

So on a gut feeling I went to a Michael Franti concert last year in Austin knowing almost nothing about them, and it turned out to be an incredible performance and almost a wierdly magical night. They didn't do too many shows after that, so at the very beginning of 2013 when they announced this as the first show back it was a no brainer to book and go.

Pouring rain on the drive to the shuttle bus. Once there they made us wait about half an hour for the lightning to stop before letting people in.

The Venice of America- I often forget how awesome and unique South Florida can be.

Reminds me of Waikiki.

First one to hit the Sunrise stage, and the show is right by the water.

Sound check- Black Bird

In time to see Mac McAnally's sound check- and Jimmy Buffett's guitar tech and bodyguard are here!
Been wondering if Jimmy might make an appearance.

Keyboard sound check

Opening song- Simple Life

Pop Top Hop

When the Coast Is Clear

Ass from a hole in the ground

Back Where I come From

Michael Franti comes out before the show.

Building the stairs so band and fans can get up and down the stage- I joked to the people around me that they were for me. Foreshadowing.

Pic from someone else

Front row, just off center. Perfect.



Opening song- I Don't Wanna Go Nowhere


Hello Bonjour

All I Want Is You (partial)

Sound of the Sunshine

All I want to do is be with you

Closer To You

You can see us in the front row.
Pic from someone else

So I was thinking to myself that this was quite possibly the best concert I had ever been to. Well, it got better.
At the one other show I had been to he did bring up a guy and a girl on stage, as well as kids for "Say Hey" and for another song like 20 people from the audience, but this wasn't on my mind. For the current song he came to the front of the stage like he had many times...and then pointed right at me.
It REALLY caught me by surpirse, so I pointed at myself "like who, me?" and he nodded yes. HOLY CRAP! I immediately hopped the barrier and started dancing around. They also yanked over Georgia, a girl about 3 people over from me.

The next thing you know we are on stage with Franti!

Then they hand us each a real band member guitar and we start rockin' out!

After the show at least 10 strangers would stop to compliment me on my fine performance!
Likely the closest I will ever get to living out my rock star fantasy.

Hey Hey Hey
Filmed By Someone Else

All People

Pic of Hossein by someone else- you can see me and the girls in the front row.

Raliegh spots me- camera wouldn't focus in time.

After the show some of the band came out front to meet the fans, very cool of them.

Jay the guitarist

After the show I noticed many of our fellow fans from the front row heading back stage- well how about us?
We were having a hard time getting past security when Manas spotted us and waved us through.

Craig and I with Manas (the drummer)

Raliegh! (the keyboardist)

Danielle and Georgia w Franti

We then walked around some to check out the sights.

Here you see the main stage.

I wanted to see Ben Harper, but after the high we were just on couldn't really sit still.

I can't recall how but we ran into Geri again, who had been hanging back stage the whole time, so we got some food and took it backstage again.

Backstage- Franti friends confirm I rocked it on stage.
The first lady is Michael's girlfriend.

It was cool to just literally be sitting around back there with a few others- no herding around for a quick photo, just chilling. I didn't really talk or bond back there because my mind was just blank. Too bad, I know everyone back there has plenty of stories to tell.

Here we are backstage with Franti's shirt.

The sun goes down...and Kenny Chesney, the headliners act, comes on.

This one we just watched from the back.

Back where I Come From (partial)

Mac comes on for two songs with Kenny

New Kenny song- Something I Miss

Jamaican colored lighting.